Want to be a Better Software Engineer


admin - Posted on 18 October 2008

Start reading codes of opensource like

1.0 Joomla/Drupal CMS
2.0 Oscommerce/Majento
3.0 Start playing with GOF patterns with EA( Sparx Systms)
4.0 Start working witrh Linux/Sun Box
5.0 Start reading Sun Documentation books
6.0 Start reading couple of oriely's Networking books
7.0 Look into source code of the Linuux Kernel.
8.0 Start looking into linux/solaris systems programming.
9.0 Try to understand how GDB work- debugging process and signal handler.
10.0 Then jump into .net- because MS wants to blind you with MS Technology.
11.0 Start having cofee at Univ library and check out CS/EE books. Google Research/Google Books/Google Scholar

There is no easy way, but it is extremely rewarding.