How A Real-Estate Development  Company  Avoided Cost and Time Overrun with Cloud Based Alfresco Collaboration Server

A Real Estate Developer Save 10 million and more by avoiding Cost Overrun and Avoiding Deadline Penalty

A Real  Estate  Developer in Canada was in the process of developing  a shopping mall  Complex in Canada.  The shopping mall was  a complex development and communication and coordination was key. The list of Departments that was involved in the project  approval as large and diverse. The list below is a partial summary:



Customer Stories- Kerio Mail  Server Improves Customer Satisfaction


Customer Stories- Kerio Mail  Server Improves Customer Satisfaction


A   large municipal organization was in Email crisis. Its taxpayers were demanding immediate answer to questions they were asking  using smart phone  email.  In many instances, the conversation started over multiple years ago. Answering these questions required looking at the emails over multiple years and in particular searching the email database over multiple user computers.


To make the matter worse- many times emails were dispersed over 50 different computer mailboxes in multiple buildings.


Establishing A Web 2.0 Development Environment using Fedora


Establishing A Web 2.0 Development Environment using Fedora

We have had success using the Fedora as the development Environment. In particular we have used the following Procedure to setup hhe PHP and Web 2.0 Development Environment.

1.0 Seting Up the VNC Serve
2.0 Sering Up Firewall
3.0 Seting up the Mysqladmin
4.0 Seting Up the delphi Development system.

Want to be a Better Software Engineer


admin - Posted on 18 October 2008

Start reading codes of opensource like

1.0 Joomla/Drupal CMS
2.0 Oscommerce/Majento
3.0 Start playing with GOF patterns with EA( Sparx Systms)
4.0 Start working witrh Linux/Sun Box
5.0 Start reading Sun Documentation books
6.0 Start reading couple of oriely's Networking books
7.0 Look into source code of the Linuux Kernel.
8.0 Start looking into linux/solaris systems programming.
9.0 Try to understand how GDB work- debugging process and signal handler.
10.0 Then jump into .net- because MS wants to blind you with MS Technology.
11.0 Start having cofee at Univ library and check out CS/EE books. Google Research/Google Books/Google Scholar

There is no easy way, but it is extremely rewarding.

Keen Computer Seasons Greetings



Seasons Greetings 

We at keen computer solutions & Keendirect ( website and    would like to extend  our seasons greetings to everyone in your organization. It has been a trying year economically for Canadian business. We have portfolio of technology solutions that could lower the cost and improve business operations. You can talk to us for free  to explore the possibilities.


We also take this opportunity to request you to  include keencomputer and keendirect as a potential   supplier of  IT Products and Services. We respond to all RFP and Tenders . We trust we will be positive assistance in your endeavor.


With Regards

Keencomputer & Keendirect

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Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing

Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing



Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing


admin - Posted on 18 February 2009

I need to improve my communication abilities and I am working on few resources. I have realized that nothing is more important than communication. I also realize that communication is a moving target. Good communication can be learnt but can not be taught.

1.0 Purdue Owl
2.0 The Canadian Oxford Guide to Writing- ISBN-0-19-340870-5
3.0 Canadian Writer's Handbook- 5th Edition- ISBN-9780-195418255
4.0 Line By Line- How to Edit Your Own Writing- MLA- Claire Cook-ISBN 978-0-395-39391-8
5.0 Presenting to Win-Jerry Weisman- ISBN 978-0-13-714417-4


Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010

Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010

Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010



I am doing some reading related to SEO and marketing in 2009. Here are some of the references that I am working with. I am yet to compile the full detail.

1.0 Search Engine Marketing Inc
2.0 MIT Design Talk- see attachment
3.0 MIT Web Communication
4.0 SEO Resources-2008
5.0 You Tube Video
6.0 You Tube- Matt Cuts
7.0 Communicating Design- Dan Brown-ISBN-0321392353
8.0 Google Mutivariate Test
9.0 Successful Web Analetics

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