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  1. We saw this at Supercomputing last year: NEC's new Vector PCIe co-processor. I've wanted to write about it for a while, so I'm glad it's being presented here at Hot Chips.  The talk is set to start at 6pm PT / 1am UTC.

  2. Remember back when Arm announced Scalable Vector Extensions? Well Fujitsu has made an Arm CPU that uses it with a 512-bit width. The presentation looks super interesting, so follow along with our live blog. The talk is set to start at 5:30pm PT / 12:30am UTC.

  3. The biggest part of the show are the server talks in the last session of the last day. All four talks are worth covering, and the first talk is from IBM, detailing both its newest Power9 'Scale Up' version of its processor family, as well as an introduction to PowerAXON, its new connectivity IP.  The talk is set to start at 5pm PT / midnight UTC.

  4. Xilinx has several talks this year at Hot Chips, and aside from the ACAP earlier in the day, the talk about their Deep Neural Network processor also looks interesting. The talk is set to start at 4pm PT / 11pm UTC.

  5. One of the more interesting talks is from Tachyum, who have a deep presentation about their new hyperscale Prodigy processors with up to 64 cores and eight channel memory. Tachyum is headed up by one of the original co-Founders of SandForce and Wave Computing. The talk is set to start at 3pm PT / 10pm UTC.

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