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  1. The biggest AI startup deals of 2018
    The biggest AI startup deals of 2018

    Image by Peter Sayer/IDG

    Total investments in U.S. venture-capital backed artificial intelligence companies topped $1.9 billion in the first quarter of 2018, the highest ever. Some of the biggest checks were written for robotic process automation, autonomous vehicles, and predictive analytics, according to the MoneyTree report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and CB Insights. Here are six well-funded companies that will be bringing you the next wave of AI technology.

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  2. Dell and VMware CIO Bask Iyer has a complaint. He wants IT industry experts, speakers at IT conferences, and publications like this one to stop telling CIOs that if they don’t move with the times they are likely to lose their jobs. “Every meeting, every year, they say CIOs who don’t do something are going to get fired,” he says. “That narrative has to change.”

    Instead, he thinks experts and executives should recognize that CIOs may have the most difficult role in the C-suite. “None of the executive jobs change as fast,” he says. “The rate of change of technology is exponential, and the increase in companies’ dependence on technology is growing exponentially as well. And humans can’t understand exponential increases.”

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  3. Your mobile strategy — both for internal use and in support of your customers — is a bellwether of your approach to digital transformation. It is an opportunity to take more digital-native approaches across your technology portfolio, particularly on the front end where your employees and customers engage with you through computers, websites and mobile devices.

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  4. For many enterprises, digital transformation (DX) is fast becoming a reality. IDC predicts that at least 50 percent of global GDP will be digitized by 2021, with growth driven by digitally-enhanced offerings, operations and relationships. IDC expects that, by 2020, 60 percent of all enterprises will have articulated an organization-wide strategy for DX and be in the process of implementing it.

    Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda report corroborates this thinking, placing digital business and digital transformation as the second biggest priority for CIOs after growth and market share. 78% of all CIOs Gartner surveyed report that digital business is making their IT organizations better equipped for change – a figure that rises to 93% at top-performing companies.

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  5. Analysts at Chicago financial firm William Blair believe that Equifax’s costs tied to dealing with last year’s data breach could run between $200 million and $300 million1 – and that figure is after insurance coverage is applied. While this was a particularly high-profile (and costly) breach, it was only one of 1,766 reported worldwide that occurred in 2017, according to Gemalto’s Data Breach Database. And the information harvested in the Equifax incident is just some of the estimated 9.7 billion data records that have been lost or stolensince 2013.2

    It’s no wonder, then, that a recent survey by KPMG revealed that CIOs believe that cybersecurity vulnerability is at an all-time high.3 Compounding this concern is the fact that 82% of the IT decision-makers interviewed for the 2016 report, Hacking the Skills Shortage agreed that they face a shortage of cybersecurity skills when hiring personnel. That combination can keep any CIO up at night; and underscores the growing need for a system that is secure by design.

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