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  1. IBM InterConnect, Code/Media, SXSW, Google Next, Microsoft WPC, Dreamforce '17, Adobe Summit...conferences you may have only dreamed of attending! So many technology conferences, so little time (or money).

    Maybe you're looking to stay on top of emerging trends in your industry, or get a read on what your customers are excited about. Perhaps you're actively networking for customers, vendors or even a new job. Or you might simply be looking to mingle with your peers in more informal surroundings.

    Regardless of your intent, there's never a bad reason to maintain a solid network of professionals and experts in your vertical or other fields.

    We also know it's hard to keep track of all the great technology conferences you might want to attend in any given month, quarter or year.

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  2. With headlines setting off alarms forewarning the death of retail, it is easy to get sucked into the overwhelming stream of information and data. Luckily, there is more than one side to every story, and that data can actually support a more promising position on the future of the retail industry. 

    A recent article from the WSJcalls 2017 “the year of bankruptcies,”with eight bankruptcies since the beginning of the year. The most bankruptcies in one year happened in 2008 when 20 companies declared bankruptcy. Over 3,500 stores are expected to close this year. There has been a decrease in foot traffic equaling 6 percent per year. Visits to shopping malls went down 50 percent from 2010 to 2013. Online and e-commerce was the main driver of this large drop, but changing demographics and needs were also contributing factors.

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  3. Cloud computing has become the de facto standard for organizations around the globe. In a recent study, McAfee concluded that 93 percent of organizations utilize cloud services in some shape or form. More than 80 percent even embrace a “cloud-first” strategy, in which applications are prioritized that can be procured as a service or deployed in the cloud over those deployed on-premises. Those prioritizing off-premises believe that their IT budgets will be 80 percent cloud services in less than 12 months, while those without such a stringent strategy think it will be closer to 20 months.

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  4. Over the past 30 years, a great deal of research has been conducted on IT-enabled business transformations. As a result of this research, leading best practices for implementation have been identified and improved upon. However, the fundamental essential elements have basically remained constant over this period regardless of the technology or the industry. 

    Yet countless examples still exist where companies fail in dramatic fashion upon deployment.

    These transformation failures do not discriminate on technology, industry, contract type, system integrator, or pubic vs. private sector. Look no further to reports on Bridgestone, Sleep Number, Avon, Miller-Coors, and the city of Anchorage, Alaska, to get a flavor for how a project gone bad can damage an enterprise's reputation along with its balance sheet. 

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