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  1. Because shopping for bargains on new computer hardware can be a considerably time consuming endeavor, we regularly compile a list of the best deals.
  2. Enermax had several new products to show in its Computex booth, including PSUs, chassis, AIOs and water cooling components. LEPA also revealed a 1800W PSU.
  3. Asus kicks the WS X299 Sage up a notch with two 10Gbe ports and beefier cooling for the power delivery subsystem.
  4. Gigabyte has added two new motherboards that come with a pre-installed 32GB Intel Optane memory module and a special heatsink with Intel Optane branding.
  5. If you own a VR headset, now’s a good time to start filling out your library of VR games. Oculus and HTC are running summer sales right now, and some titles are discounted by 90%.
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