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  1. In a second part of its security analysis of carmakers mobile application, Kaspersky found that not only did the carmakers not fix previously discovered vulnerabilities in their applications, but some of them haven't even updated their apps at all.
  2. Because shopping for bargains on new computer hardware can be a considerably time consuming endeavor, we regularly compile a list of the best deals.
  3. Play with three other friends and restore light to the Kingdom of Lucis.
  4. FIDO Alliances wants the European payments industry to adopt its own modern authentication protocols to better protect users from getting their accounts hacked.
  5. At the Global Foundries Technology Conference, AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster announced that the company will be transitioning “graphics and client products” from the Global Foundries 14nm LP FinFET process it uses today to the new 12LP process in 2018.
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