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  1. Haemimont Games will challenge you to create a Martian colony that can support human life and withstand the forces of Martian nature.
  2. The company said it will be giving out fewer duplicate items in "Overwatch" and more Legendary cards in "Hearthstone."
  3. Lian Li showcased (pun intended) big cases, small cases, and everything in between in Taipei, and there was no shortage of tempered glass and aluminum at Lian Li's Computex booth this year.
  4. If you own a Cryorig CPU cooler that supports Intel’s LGA2011v3 socket and you’re planning to upgrade to a new X299-based motherboard, you’ll be happy to know that Cryorig’s existing LGA2011v3-supported CPU heatsinks will also support the LGA2066 socket.
  5. Tom's Hardware is assembling the definitive list of PC games in a number of genres, but we need your help. Give us your suggestions and vote for your favorite games.
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