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This is a workign  Article- expect Revisions- Ver 1.0 Date 08/07/2015


 Responsive UX Design

  This is an article  about Responsive UX design, wordpress, Joomla, Magento and Liferay front end design. 

  We find the jumpstart series is inherently readable.



1.0  Jump Start Bootstrap- ISBN

2.0 Boorstrap- Oriely

3.0 Ostraning- Bootstrap Series

4.0 Boostrap website

5.0 rocket Themes

6.0 Yoothemes

7.0 Learning Bootstrap- ISBN


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Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing

Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing



Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing


admin - Posted on 18 February 2009

I need to improve my communication abilities and I am working on few resources. I have realized that nothing is more important than communication. I also realize that communication is a moving target. Good communication can be learnt but can not be taught.

1.0 Purdue Owl
2.0 The Canadian Oxford Guide to Writing- ISBN-0-19-340870-5
3.0 Canadian Writer's Handbook- 5th Edition- ISBN-9780-195418255
4.0 Line By Line- How to Edit Your Own Writing- MLA- Claire Cook-ISBN 978-0-395-39391-8
5.0 Presenting to Win-Jerry Weisman- ISBN 978-0-13-714417-4
6.0 http://mashable.com/2009/06/19/teaching-social-media/
7.0 http://www.amazon.com/Manual-Writers-Research-Dissertations-Seventh/dp/0...


Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010

Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010

Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010



I am doing some reading related to SEO and marketing in 2009. Here are some of the references that I am working with. I am yet to compile the full detail.

1.0 Search Engine Marketing Inc
2.0 MIT Design Talk- see attachment
3.0 MIT Web Communication
4.0 SEO Resources-2008
5.0 You Tube Video
6.0 You Tube- Matt Cuts
7.0 Communicating Design- Dan Brown-ISBN-0321392353
8.0 Google Mutivariate Test
9.0 Successful Web Analetics

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