Marketing Sales and Website Development


Marketing Sales and Website Development


admin - Posted on 30 December 2008

These are the books that are commly related to marketing and sales and web authoring

1.0 Positioning- Al Reis
2.0 Google Adwords
3.0 Letting go words
4.0 Copywriting- Bly
5.0 Landing Page Optimization
6.0 Information architecture
7.0 Usability-
8.0 The Pyramid Principle
9.0 Line By Line Proof Reading
10.0 The Hand book of Public Relation
11.0 Enrtreprenurial Marketing
12.0 Gureilla Marketing
13.0 Guerilla Public Rellations
14.0 Innovation nation
15.0 Accidental Branding

More on this later.

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