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  •  Enterprise Server Solutions

    Microsoft   Windows Server

     Microsoft windows server is the staple of SMB Market place. We work with various flavors of Windows server. Migration of Linux and  Solaris  server to windows and  reverse migration from windows to Linux server is our specialty.


  • Keencomputer Technical Profile


    What do we do for Business- Keen computer Techncal Profiles

    Company Overview

    Keen Computer Solutions is a Comprehensive  Source for Information Technology Solutions. We provide computer, networking, cloud and E-Business solutions to businesses. In addition, Keen Computer Solutions provides advanced Engineering solutions.


    Keen Computer Solutions provides the following types of Solutions:

    • Computer Solutions
    • Network Solutions
    • Cloud / E-Business Solutions
    • Advanced Engineering Solutions


    Keen supplies a wide variety of Technology Products:

    • Personal Computer and Servers
    • Network equipment
    • Webservers, and Cloud access


    Keen Computer Solutions offers the following Services:

    • Technology Consulting & Engineering Service
    • Custom Software Development
    • System Development & Implementation
    • System Support, On-Site Installation, Maintenance and Operation


    Keen Computer Solutions provides Products and Services for each type of Technology Solution:


                               Computers     Networks    E-Commerce /     Advanced

                                                                   Cloud           Engineering

    Supplier of

    Hardware &

































    Development &






















     You can download the full pdf technical detailes form the link below 



    1.0 Keen Computer Techncial Profiles  Document Link

  •   Why Choose Keen Computer


    Why Do Business With Us ?


    There are many computer companies who can supply you with computer equipment. Why should you do business with us?

    Because we do more than just sell computers to customers; we work closely with each client to ensure that they are provided with the best computer solution for their requirements. Specifically, we provide the following:

    One-Stop Source For Technology Solutions

    Keen Computer Solutions has the expertise to provide you with just about any type of technology that will meet your company’s business needs.

    This includes: computers, networking, Cloud Computing, E-commerce, and advancd technologies. Regardless of what your technology needs are, we have a solution for you.

    Highly Qualified, Professional People 

    Keen Computer Solutions is built on a solid foundation of highly qualified people. We have university degrees in computer engineering or computer science. We also have extensive experience in a wide variety of technology-based industries.

    This knowledge and experience ensures that we are qualified to provide you with effective, successful technology-based business solutions.

    Optimized Business Solutions 

    We work closely with our clients to understand their business, and to fully understand their computer and communication requirements.

    Then we develop a customized solution which identifies the equipment, and work, that is needed to provide what the client requires.

    Finally, we install and set-up the equipment and software. We test it all out to ensure that it works properly.

    What is delivered to the client is an customized, optimized, cost-effective solution.


    Quality, Cost-effective Equipment & Service 

    We supply only quality computer equipment. All of our equipment have a three year warranty on parts and labor.

     Maximum Return on Investment

    Computer equipment is a big investment. Every organization is concerned that they get a good return on their computer investment.

    We provide computer systems which maximize your return on investment:



    Computer equipment that meets your requirements today, may not be sufficient 4 months from now. Our computer equipment is upgradeable. For example, if you need a more powerful P.C. in the future, we can easily upgrade the power of the P.C. that we provided you.


    Our computer networks are scalable. This means that if you need to increase the number of P.C.’s on your network in the future, we can scale up the capability of the Server. We just have to add a component or two to the Server, that we provided to you, to enable it to support the addition P.C.’s.

    (Some systems are not scalable, and so they need to be replaced when the number of P.C.’s exceed a certain level.)

    Independent Technology Supplier 

    Keen Computer Solutions does not have any exclusive deals with any technology suppliers.

    This means that we will provide your company with the products and services which are best for you; we do not push certain suppliers.


    Keen Customer Service 

    Our employees are keen to be of assistance to you. They are friendly and courteous.

    Our employees pride themselves in providing superior customer service. They work closely with our clients, they answer all their questions, and they are there when our clients need us. 

    Continuous Research and Development

     Keen computers engages in continuous l research and development. We are highly tuned to business needs and industry trends. This results in delivering optimal solutions and better business values.[1][2] Please contact us to  discuss your IT requirements.



    1.0 The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization- Peter Senge- ISBN- 0385517254

    2.0 Lean Six Sigma for Service : How to Use Lean Speed and Six Sigma Quality to Improve Services and Transactions- ISBN- 9780071418218




    Problem Scenario

    An enterprise drive is a disk drive that is supposed to work 24*7 nonstop in applications.  Some examples are web server, cloud server and high demand workstations featuring Xeon CPU running CAD/CAM and business critical ERP applications.  However many Xeon workstations and commodity servers do not incorporate an enterprise drive that is capable of running 24*7 operations.  This causes premature failure of the drive. 

    Enterprise server and desktop workstation are critical for 24*7 operations for business survival.  In cloud server and in stand alone servers any downtime is problematic.  Even CAD/CAM workstations that run CAD Software like AUTOCAD Design, Solidworks and PCB Design requires that the hard drive remains reliable and stable.  It is not uncommon that many Tier 1 workstations made by reputable TIER 1 companies do not use enterprise drive for the workstations and servers.  Too often the problem is identified too late.  The result is loss of productivity for weeks if not months.  

    Hard drives come in various sizes and capacity.  However nothing is more important than reliability.  What is the value of speed and capacity of the drive if the drive itself is not reliable?  This is the question many companies do not understand initially.  In fact, a reliable enterprise quality hard drive costs about 50 dollars more than the cheaper consumer drive.

    Technical Solution

    The main feature to look for in enterprise drive is reliability, also called Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).  It is a statistical estimate of the average hours between failures.  A quality enterprise drive has MTBF of 1.2 million hours.  This means such drive will run continuously for 136 years.  The typical useful life of a regular hard drive inside a server is about 10-15 years.  Please note consumer drives generally do not specify MTBF values. 

    At any time you suspect drive problems you can run such tests periodically to rectify problems before they become catastrophic. 

    If you feel you are running a workstation and desktop and laptop and server that is critical for your business, please check the condition of the drive using smart monitoring tools and if necessary you should change the drive to enterprise grade hard drive.  Many manufacturers have the drive selection guide and you can choose the type and quality of the drive.

    Copying data and programming application is not very complicated, however RAID configuration requires special care.  Please check RAID user’s manual for details.  In typical cases on NON RAID installation, you can use Clonezilla to clone the drive; in case you suspect the drive is corrupted you can turn on test and copy features.   A typical 500GB SATA drive will take 4 – 6 hours to copy and test the features.  Also you should try to put the drive on a block of ice if necessary while recovering data.  The cloning process should not be done in a hurry.  After cloning the drive, the bios should be reset if necessary. 


    In our experience we recommend HGST & WD enterprise drive since they have better reliability as reported in the leading hard drive reliability magazines.  One word of caution is that no hard drive will withstand vibration and heat abuse.   So please make sure the server is cool and quiet and no excessive vibration is allowed.  SMART features are there to help us.  Please use them.  Modern network management like NAGIOS do monitor hard drive health quite easily, please use them.   Also always look for slow drives and applications hanging; these are sure signs for drive problems.  Also look into server and workstation event logs.  They are signs that things are not OK with your system.

    In case you need help, contact one of our engineers. We will be happy to upgrade your system from consumer drive to enterprise class drives if needed.       


    1.0 Google Reliability Data for Hard Drive-  Weblink 

    2.0 HGST Enterprise Hard Drive- Weblink



  • AnandTech Forum


    Computer Break and Fix Service


    Sometimes your desktop and laptop computers needs upgrades and repair. Be it hard drive replacement, Video card or main board repair and replacement, we do it all.  Server upgrade and repair is our specialty.


     When we get a damaged computer, we backup all the information before we start the work. We provide a written quotation before we start the work. We also perform onsite diagnosis, if you so desire. We have a list of satisfied customers  spanning four decades.


     Repairing and or upgrading desktop and server is economical and necessary for small business. Please consult us before deceiving to purchase a new server and or desktop computer. Quite often the problems could be virus and other problems, not hardware problems as you may think. One of our engineers will be happy to contact you if experience technical problems with your computer and server.


     Network management helps you detect computer problems much before they become critical.  We will be happy to discuss network management and how it can help reduce computer maintenance time and cost.  Please contact us for details. Initial consultation is free and without any obligation.

  • Keen Computer Seasons Greetings



    Seasons Greetings 

    We at keen computer solutions & Keendirect ( website and    would like to extend  our seasons greetings to everyone in your organization. It has been a trying year economically for Canadian business. We have portfolio of technology solutions that could lower the cost and improve business operations. You can talk to us for free  to explore the possibilities.


    We also take this opportunity to request you to  include keencomputer and keendirect as a potential   supplier of  IT Products and Services. We respond to all RFP and Tenders . We trust we will be positive assistance in your endeavor.


    With Regards

    Keencomputer & Keendirect

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