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  • Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing

      Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing

      Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing 

    Given the media hype that surrounds the term ‘Growth Hacking’, you can be forgiven for dismissing the whole thing as another marketing buzzword. But what can get lost in the hubbub are some useful, development-inspired, working practices that can help a team focus on maximizing growth.



    In this Tech Talk, Rob Sobers, Director of Inbound Marketing at Varonis, tells you all you need to know about Growth Hacking. Rob explains what Growth Hacking is and describes the processes key for it to be effective – from setting goals, to working through an experimentation cycle and how it works in practice.

    Rob was formerly a Support Engineer here at Fog Creek, and is the creator of his own product, Munchkin Report. He writes on his blog about bootstrapping and startup marketing.

    Detailed Article


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  • Integrated Marketing & Communication In E-Solutions

    Integrated Marketing and Communication

    What is  Integrated marketing and Communication- (IMC)


     IMC as shown in the diagram - 2.1 above is a marketing strategy analysis, target marketing process followed by planning and program development. The resulting output of the IMC is used to derive  communication messages of a  corporate website and or E-Commerce solutions.


     IMC Strategy

    How IMC and Website and E Commerce work Together- the Big picture

     IMC empowers you with  a big picture of the corporate marketing  communication process that encompasses, various  channels, various target markets and various key objectives like branding and positioning,  market development and competitive  strategy. Doing marketing without understanding IMC is completely foolish- As Sun Tzu of The Art of War in  China says every war is won before the battle is fought. In  E-Business context this means  creating  a website and an e-commerce before applying analysis methods of   IMC, at best, the effort will be wasted.


    In E-solutions ( Web CMS and E-Commerce Solutions  ) IMC analysis  is done in conjunction with UX Design, Information Architecture and Content Strategy. The process is iterative , since so many factors and so many people are concerned. In fact,  the use of Collaboration Server[5] is quite common in the IMC analysis and design step. Typically One note  and mindmap is used for research  and analysis and as a writing tool.


     ELM- elaboration Likelihood Model of Communication

    Analyzing your methods, channels and Effective Process of Communication

     This is the central task of IMC, essentially you are examining various  alternatives to deliver the value message to the target segment of the market.  We utilize various Models of Communication- like Elaboration Likely Hood Model of Communication (ELM) as shown in figure 5.9 above. In ELM model we examine the message  receiver, the channel  and the authority of the  source of communication.

     Examining your Results and Revisions

      Various analytics tools provide  rapid feedback. Also consumer research provides before and after  feedback data. You should use such information to design your next pass of the IMC Analysis

     Various Case Studies and Creative Element of IMC

     The creative element of IMC is best understood by examining the case studies against the qualitative analysis frameworks of Belch and Belch IMC text[1].  We find Mindmap [4] to be effective in this process. The best is to work backwards from the target customer  to the business delivering the  messages, in the process competitive strategy and value chain of the messages has to be examined.[3] This means we need to understand our competition completely.[3]. This  understanding makes positioning effective and scientifically accurate. The source  & persona of the message is very  important in the communication.



     Integrated marketing and communication are intricately connected with Business Development . It is not uncommon that  many business has not been able to integrate IMC and E-business solutions. Such  partial measures has resulted in  websites and e-commerce not being effective and waste of time and effort.  Rapid feedback from various  web analytics tool can clearly  demonstrate the value of the IMC  in the communication and business development process.

    Next Action Process

     Please contact us  regarding how integrated marketing & communication and E-Solutions can help your business. One of our Engineers will be happy to assist you in your endeavour.


    The IMC Process  & ELM process  figures are taken from IMC Belch& Belch textbook [1]


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  • Forbs- Tom Post

    Forbs- Tom Post

  • WordPress - An ideal platform for Lean Startup Strategy

     WordPress - An ideal platform   for Lean Startup Strategy

    WordPress - An ideal platform   for Lean Startup Strategy

    Situational Analysis : 


    You get up around noon one day and realize- you can no longer be a grad student any more. So you realize you have to  do something - why not start a business- like creating   something better products and services. Then you realize marketing and sales  are important and you know nothing about it..


    You are smart and realize what if  the idea itself is not correct. What you should do. If you are arrogant and stupid, you will think, you will make products with superior features and people will come- this is not true at all. Look at all successful companies, they enter the market with crappy product and then refine it later.

     Take another example, in  software development- quite rarely customer, developer and  management has any clue what is going on. Most of the time upper management is uttering 20 buzzwords they have leaned  using  google search.


     In software we solve this problem using agile method.  Design- Test-Learn-Modify-add feature-implement and back.


    Why not use the same method for business development. The Agile business development. This is called Lean Start-up. The very basic idea of business needs to be checked and tested and improved.


    As your business evolves over phases, your website and marketing and sales need to reflect this . The static website is no match for this . Web CMS platforms like Liferay, Joomla and Word press are specifically designed for  rapid modifications.


     In  CMS you can change the content and looks effectively and rapidly with minimal disruption and effort.  This very fact makes Web CMS technology the perfect fit for Lean Stratup Stratgy.

    With CMS technology we can change the  look and feel of the website very rapidly at each pivot.


    If you are a small  business and looking to embrace lean startup in your marketing and sales, then WordPress CMS is the right technology for you.


    WordPeress is a CMS that is simple and easy to use . WordPress is perfectly suited for brand development  and testing business ideas. What looks sound in paper may not work in practice. With Wordpress CMS you can change the content of the website to reflect  your experimentation. Once you see  increased traffic to your site you realize your ideas are working. WorldPress CMS helps with these experimentations.

    Please contact one of our engineers for details and how you can get stated with Lean startup and WordPress




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  • Writing Web Content

    Since a large number of E-commerce and Static website requires good amount of English Composition- The process can be frustrating since the objective of writing has no fixed goal.

    Are we writing to create an online marketing campaign? Are we trying to communicate?
    What is our goal and strategy? Are we creating a Public Relations material that is supposed to create a buzz like strong German Schnapps or the public relations will be low key like warm Glue-Wine of Scandinavian Christmas.
    Are we just trying to create some ineffective web pages with a lot of CSS so that we can demonstrate our technical savvy?

    In a more technical sense, Are we substantiating an argument? Using persuasion and compare and contrast to establish a point. Are we just trying to educate some factual information? Who is our target audience? Why such person be interested in our website?
    Does the end user needs to be entertained? excited? provoked? educated?

    Some how the short answer seems to all the above- and that makes it difficult.

    I have found a solution. A new book on web content design seems to be immensely practical and useful. I am reading it , right now-Killer Web Content- Garry McGovern . I highly suggest this book to any one involved in web design and content creation. Also try the letting go words[4]. I use letting go words of Redish in all my website works.


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