Commercial Website and E-commerce

Commercial Website and E-commerce

  •  Balanced Scorecard and Information Technology

     Balanced Scorecard and Information Technology

    Balanced Scorecard Basics

    The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management systemthat is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. It was originated by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business School) and David Norton as aperformance measurement framework that added strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics to give managers and executives a more 'balanced' view of organizational performance. While the phrase balanced scorecard was coined in the early 1990s, the roots of the this type of approach are deep, and include the pioneering work of General Electric on performance measurement reporting in the 1950’s and the work of French process engineers (who created the Tableau de Bord – literally, a "dashboard" of performance measures) in the early part of the 20th century.

    Gartner Group suggests that over 50% of large US firms have adopted the BSC. More than half of major companies in the US, Europe and Asia are using balanced scorecard approaches, with use growing in those areas as well as in the Middle East and Africa. A recent global study by Bain & Co listed balanced scorecard fifth on its top ten most widely used management tools around the world, a list that includes closely-related strategic planning at number one. Balanced scorecard has also been selected by the editors of Harvard Business Review as one of the most influential business ideas of the past 75 years. 

    The balanced scorecard has evolved from its early use as a simple performance measurement framework to a full strategic planning and management system. The “new” balanced scorecard transforms an organization’s strategic plan from an attractive but passive document into the "marching orders" for the organization on a daily basis. It provides a framework that not only provides performance measurements, but helps planners identify what should be done and measured. It enables executives to truly execute their strategies.

    This new approach to strategic management was first detailed in a series of articles and books by Drs. Kaplan and Norton. Recognizing some of the weaknesses and vagueness of previous management approaches, the balanced scorecard approach provides a clear prescription as to what companies should measure in order to 'balance' the financial perspective. The balanced scorecard is a management system (not only a measurement system) that enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action. It provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results. When fully deployed, the balanced scorecard transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into the nerve center of an enterprise.

    Kaplan and Norton describe the innovation of the balanced scorecard as follows:

    "The balanced scorecard retains traditional financial measures. But financial measures tell the story of past events, an adequate story for industrial age companies for which investments in long-term capabilities and customer relationships were not critical for success. These financial measures are inadequate, however, for guiding and evaluating the journey that information age companies must make to create future value through investment in customers, suppliers, employees, processes, technology, and innovation."
    Please contact one of our Engineers to explore how Balanced Score Card can help  integrate business strategy and IT deployment.
     1.0 Dreailed Article of Balanced Score Card
     2.0 The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action- ISBN 978-0875846514
  •  Bootstrap- UX Design Framworks

     Bootstrap- UX Design Frameworks 

    Bootstrap is a free and open-source collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML- and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScriptextensions. It aims to ease the development of dynamic websites and web applications.

    Bootstrap is a front end framework, that is, an interface for the user, unlike the server-side code which resides on the "back end" orserver.

    Bootstrap is the most-starred project on GitHub, with over 88K+ stars and more than 37K+ forks.


    We use bootstrap  UX frameworks for designing user interface for  WordPress CMS, Joomla CMS, Liferay CMS and Magneto Ecommerce . Bootstrap  is quite powerful and can be used for many user interface applications. Bootstrap based User Interfaces are custom made and unique. This means your website will have look and feel that is not shared with other websites. Such uniqueness helps in branding and positioning


     References :

     1.0  Getting Started with Bootstrap 3.3- ASIN: B00J6N75ZA

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     Note: This is an Working Article- Expect Revisions. Please note most  of the Published and Acacdemic papers have Permission of Use Policies. Please  read them craefully.  


  •  Branding and Positioning for Websites


    Positioning and Branding For Websites


    What is Branding


    In business very little communication takes place, unless it is planned and executed properly. This is where branding and positioning comes in. In business, you have to communicate to customers your strengths and abilities against your primary and secondary competitions. The communication has to state what you do similar to your competitor and in what aspect you are different and superior.


    This differentiated message based on comparing and contrasting your business verticals is called branding.


    What is Positioning


    Positioning is what your customer perceives you are capable of. People always makes perception of You and your company from various things. The speech, voice, tone, the marketing materials and website. If the website is shabby and unprofessional, people will not take you seriously.


    On the other hand a professional appearance and clear communication can position you as a leader. Your customer has mental ladder in his mind- you have to create images and values in custom's mind that correlates to your products and service values. Quite often, technical entrepreneurs position themselves far below their capabilities in customers mind. The object of positioning is to correct that.


    The more technical the nature of your work- the more important it is for you to Position and Brand yourself- since average customer can never understand your depth of expertise and Values you bring to customers. The customer will position and brand your company using visual clues- the style of communication and clarity- The emotional and psychological content of the message. It is dues to this reason- Scientist- Engineers- Lawyers and Doctors should be careful of the communication and avoid technical details and focus on emotional and psychological aspect of communication and persuasion.


    What Problems It Solves For your Business 


    The market place is crowded with your competitors and you need to clearly communicate. This why a professional website with emphasis on Branding, Positioning and growth strategy is Important. With Internet and mobile phones people are looking for information in web for products and services and you need to get the message out- what you do- like your competitor, but more importantly what you differently and better- Positioning.



    Please contact us to discuss futher possibilities. In all buiness development websites, we include branding and positioning as an integral component of development.






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  •   Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing

      Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing 

    Given the media hype that surrounds the term ‘Growth Hacking’, you can be forgiven for dismissing the whole thing as another marketing buzzword. But what can get lost in the hubbub are some useful, development-inspired, working practices that can help a team focus on maximizing growth.



    In this Tech Talk, Rob Sobers, Director of Inbound Marketing at Varonis, tells you all you need to know about Growth Hacking. Rob explains what Growth Hacking is and describes the processes key for it to be effective – from setting goals, to working through an experimentation cycle and how it works in practice.

    Rob was formerly a Support Engineer here at Fog Creek, and is the creator of his own product, Munchkin Report. He writes on his blog about bootstrapping and startup marketing.

    Detailed Article


     Keen  Computer References

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    17 Orielly Lean Series 


  • Integrated Marketing and Communication

    What is  Integrated marketing and Communication- (IMC)


     IMC as shown in the diagram - 2.1 above is a marketing strategy analysis, target marketing process followed by planning and program development. The resulting output of the IMC is used to derive  communication messages of a  corporate website and or E-Commerce solutions.


     IMC Strategy

    How IMC and Website and E Commerce work Together- the Big picture

     IMC empowers you with  a big picture of the corporate marketing  communication process that encompasses, various  channels, various target markets and various key objectives like branding and positioning,  market development and competitive  strategy. Doing marketing without understanding IMC is completely foolish- As Sun Tzu of The Art of War in  China says every war is won before the battle is fought. In  E-Business context this means  creating  a website and an e-commerce before applying analysis methods of   IMC, at best, the effort will be wasted.


    In E-solutions ( Web CMS and E-Commerce Solutions  ) IMC analysis  is done in conjunction with UX Design, Information Architecture and Content Strategy. The process is iterative , since so many factors and so many people are concerned. In fact,  the use of Collaboration Server[5] is quite common in the IMC analysis and design step. Typically One note  and mindmap is used for research  and analysis and as a writing tool.


     ELM- elaboration Likelihood Model of Communication

    Analyzing your methods, channels and Effective Process of Communication

     This is the central task of IMC, essentially you are examining various  alternatives to deliver the value message to the target segment of the market.  We utilize various Models of Communication- like Elaboration Likely Hood Model of Communication (ELM) as shown in figure 5.9 above. In ELM model we examine the message  receiver, the channel  and the authority of the  source of communication.

     Examining your Results and Revisions

      Various analytics tools provide  rapid feedback. Also consumer research provides before and after  feedback data. You should use such information to design your next pass of the IMC Analysis

     Various Case Studies and Creative Element of IMC

     The creative element of IMC is best understood by examining the case studies against the qualitative analysis frameworks of Belch and Belch IMC text[1].  We find Mindmap [4] to be effective in this process. The best is to work backwards from the target customer  to the business delivering the  messages, in the process competitive strategy and value chain of the messages has to be examined.[3] This means we need to understand our competition completely.[3]. This  understanding makes positioning effective and scientifically accurate. The source  & persona of the message is very  important in the communication.



     Integrated marketing and communication are intricately connected with Business Development . It is not uncommon that  many business has not been able to integrate IMC and E-business solutions. Such  partial measures has resulted in  websites and e-commerce not being effective and waste of time and effort.  Rapid feedback from various  web analytics tool can clearly  demonstrate the value of the IMC  in the communication and business development process.

    Next Action Process

     Please contact us  regarding how integrated marketing & communication and E-Solutions can help your business. One of our Engineers will be happy to assist you in your endeavour.


    The IMC Process  & ELM process  figures are taken from IMC Belch& Belch textbook [1]


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      Note: Version 0.1150116

  •  Wordpress Business Websites  

    Wordpress Business Websites 




    Demo Portfolio

    1.0 Dalma Pizza-  Live website

    2.0 IASR- The Engineering Company Live websire

    3.0 Reisig Consulitng- Live website

    4.0 Cordner Construction- Live Website




    Agile Database Techniques  Effective Strategies for the Agile Software Developer


    As a consultant we have worked with object and data professionals, their related technologies, and of course their techniques.  In doing so we have  worked in traditional environments that take a near-serial approach to development as well as more modern environments that take an agile and evolutionary approach to development. Over time I've worked on many different project teams in various roles. Data oriented issues where important, and sometimes even critical to success, on each project.  Although traditional project teams seemed to have a handle on how to deal with data issues the more agile ones often struggled – in part because the data professionals in those organizations preferred to take a serial approach and in part because the object developers didn't appreciate the importance of data-oriented issues. 

  • Designing a  Website That Deliver Results

    Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as a Strategy for Business Development Websites and E-commerce



    Measuring business performance on the basis of finance alone is flawed. Business performance should include other aspects of the business like:

    1.0  Utilization of Assets and Working Capital

    2.0 Research and Development and Continuous Learning

    3.0 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Development

    4.0  Environment and Community- Protection and  Development

    5.0 Internal Discipline and Order- Delivery on Time and being Effective

    6.0 Employee Satisfaction-  Retention and Skill Based Training


  • Ecommerce Frameworks- Resource Guide


    admin - Posted on 21 February 2009

    We work extensively in various ecommerce frameworks, here we list some of the imporatant resources that will help you find information quickly. This is ongoing research work and will change periodically. Please contribute new information, in case I have missed it.

    1.0 Magento
    3.0 ASP.NET DotNetNuke

    4.0 Apache Ofbiz- OFBIZ

    5.0 Opencart- weblink

  • Enterprise Website & E-commerce Design


    Enterprise Website & E-commerce Design

     content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishingediting and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface.[4] Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.[5] These procedures can be manual steps or an automated cascade. CMSs have been available since the late 1990s.


  • Information Architecture for Large Websites



     Information Architecture for  Large Websites

     Please note we are working on this article


    We use iA in the design and development of  E-commerce and CMS website design. The use of IA becomes mandatory as the complexity of the project increases  and people requires that we have a disciplined process for development. Please contact us for details. One of our engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements.




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  • Java Development- OFBIZ - TOMCAT and ERP Development


    Java Development- OFBIZ - TOMCAT and ERP Development


    admin - Posted on 04 August 2011

    Date 3/08/2011- 12.00 HRS
    In this report , I will explain my Journey with Java Servelets programming, Apache Tomcat and Apache OFBIZ project. The idea is to creat a customized version of ERP solutions, based on OFBIZ Framework.

    My development server is a Centos 5.5 based duel core system- 4 GB Memory- 500GB Sata-ii connected to me my desktop using VPN. I use Eclipse and Netbeans regularly. My UML editor is Enterpise Architect 7.0. All the Development work Gets done using windows Xp and Windows 7.

    Seting Up the Tomcat was Easy- Just download and Install it. Yum has an old package. Any way tomcat runs on Port 8080.

    Things that I need to learn to move ahead.
    1.0 How do I change the Admin password of Apache Tomcat.
    2.0 Run a test example on the Tomcat
    3.0 Read the Source code of openbrave and OFBIZ
    4.Create Few crucial UML Diagrams of the source code.

    1.0 Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition - A great Book and I like the Style.
    2.0 Murach's Java SE 6: Training & Reference
    3.0 Open Bravo
    4.0 Ofbiz

  • Joomla  Business Websites

    Commercial Joomla Websites






     Demo Sites

     1.0 Keencomputer Solutions - Live Site

    2.0 Solarsolutions Africa- Live Site 

    3.0 Indian Army School- Live Site

    4.0 Canadian Roof Works - Live Site


  • Joomla and Drupal Templates

    Joomla and Drupal Templates


    admin - Posted on 16 October 2008

    I just purchased the Jommla-1.5 Website Design and Template design books from Packet Publisher and they are useful. Very Practical to say the least. I am looking for Information about how Dreamwevaer from Macromedia can help in creating Joomla and Drupal related Templaes using CSS and PHP. Any Information will be appreciated.

    1.0 Jommla 1.5 Book
    2.0 Joomla Template Design




    Liferay CMS Solutions


    Liferay Portal is a free and open source enterprise portal project written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and optional commercial license. The Liferay project additionally supports Liferay Social Office, Liferay Sync, Liferay AlloyUI, Liferay enterprise Connectivity Apps and the Liferay Marketplace. It is primarily used to power corporate intranets and extranets.

  • Marketing Sales and Website Development


    Marketing Sales and Website Development


    admin - Posted on 30 December 2008

    These are the books that are commly related to marketing and sales and web authoring

    1.0 Positioning- Al Reis
    2.0 Google Adwords
    3.0 Letting go words
    4.0 Copywriting- Bly
    5.0 Landing Page Optimization
    6.0 Information architecture
    7.0 Usability-
    8.0 The Pyramid Principle
    9.0 Line By Line Proof Reading
    10.0 The Hand book of Public Relation
    11.0 Enrtreprenurial Marketing
    12.0 Gureilla Marketing
    13.0 Guerilla Public Rellations
    14.0 Innovation nation
    15.0 Accidental Branding

    More on this later.



    Network Security  and Integrated  Threat Management Solutions


     What is it?


     Integrated Threat management Solutions is about detection and removal of network threat and security breach of computer  network.


    A single UTM appliance simplifies management of a company's security strategy, with just one device taking the place of multiple layers of hardware and software. Also from one single centralized console, all the security solutions can be monitored and configured.

    In this context, UTMs represent all-in-one security appliances that carry a variety of security capabilities including firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralized reporting as basic features. The UTM has a customized OS holding all the security features at one place, which can lead to better integration and throughput than a collection of disparate devices.

    For enterprises with remote networks or distantly located offices, UTMs are a means to provide centralized security with control over their globally distributed networks.


     UTM Helps Small Business Using the Following Attributes


    1. Reduced complexity: Single security solution. Single Vendor. Single AMC
    2. Simplicity: Avoidance of multiple software installation and maintenance
    3. Easy Management: Plug & Play Architecture, Web-based GUI for easy management
    4. Reduced technical training requirements, one product to learn.
    5. Regulatory compliance



     Like many organizations that are prone to network threat and security breaches, you may not be aware that you are compromised. Please contact us for free initial consultation. One of out engineers will be happy to help you.



     Ref: What is Integrated Threat Management Solutions

  • Keen Computer Seasons Greetings



    Seasons Greetings 

    We at keen computer solutions & Keendirect ( website and    would like to extend  our seasons greetings to everyone in your organization. It has been a trying year economically for Canadian business. We have portfolio of technology solutions that could lower the cost and improve business operations. You can talk to us for free  to explore the possibilities.


    We also take this opportunity to request you to  include keencomputer and keendirect as a potential   supplier of  IT Products and Services. We respond to all RFP and Tenders . We trust we will be positive assistance in your endeavor.


    With Regards

    Keencomputer & Keendirect


    Web Design and CMS


    content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface.[4] Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.[5] These procedures can be manual steps or an automated cascade. CMSs have been available since the late 1990s.

    CMSs are often used to run websites containing blogs, news, and shopping. Many corporate and marketing websites use CMSs. CMSs typically aim to avoid the need for hand coding, but may support it for specific elements or entire pages.


     we utilize various open source CMS Frameworks in PHP,  JAVA and ASP.NET Technologies.  In particular we work with  WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, LIFERAY  and Dot Net Nuke( DNN) Frameworks. We undertake custom Template design and modules development if necessary.


     Information architecture, UML Based web architecture, Interaction design, and custom web application development is also undertaken in the development process, In every stage we undertake agile development methodology.  For details of complete lifecycle of development process, please contact us.



     CMS based web sites are well suited for     SMB customers. In most cased we try to optimize cost of development utilizing open source components and frameworks. All our CMS solutions are mobile ready and we embrace responsive web development technology. In case  you are contemplating web development and or upgrade of a website, please contact us for details.

  • Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010

    Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010



    I am doing some reading related to SEO and marketing in 2009. Here are some of the references that I am working with. I am yet to compile the full detail.

    1.0 Search Engine Marketing Inc
    2.0 MIT Design Talk- see attachment
    3.0 MIT Web Communication
    4.0 SEO Resources-2008
    5.0 You Tube Video
    6.0 You Tube- Matt Cuts
    7.0 Communicating Design- Dan Brown-ISBN-0321392353
    8.0 Google Mutivariate Test
    9.0 Successful Web Analetics

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